Our Quality

Why buy a Youngblood Properties home? The answer is simple… QUALITY!

Many of the features that are offered in a Youngblood Properties quality home are not seen at first glance… and not seen in many of our competitor’s homes.


    No vents to open, no vents to close. With a Conditioned Crawl space, it’s low maintenance throughout the year. Not only can you remove one more item from your “Honey Do” list, you can also have greater peace of mind about your new home’s moisture protection, energy efficiency, and structural integrity. With a Conditioned Crawl, you’ll find rigid foam insulation lining the interior walls of the foundation as well as a continuous poly vapor barrier that covers the floor and sides. The bottom and sides of the crawl space are now protected from water, air, and vapor penetration. You’ll also find an average 50%-55% relative humidity in your crawl space ¬ similar to the home’s interior. Since the crawl space is insulated and protected from moisture, air is circulated though the crawl and decreases your risk for mold while at the same time significantly improving your home’s energy efficiency!


    Cellulose simply insulates better than fiber glass. In addition to offering greater heat transfer resistance per square inch, it also seals the wall snuggly around electrical and plumbing fixtures. This provides an uncompromised thermal barrier against air infiltration and provides excellent sound control. Studies show an energy savings of 20% to 40% over homes insulated with fiber glass.


    Without adding a single step to the construction process, we can now achieve new levels of energy efficiency in every home we build. This revolutionary new product combines three functions in one product: 1) Significant insulation performance 2) Structural lateral bracing and transverse loads 3) Water resistive barrier. SIS (Structural Insulated Sheathing) is the first structural insulated sheathing to achieve significant R¬values, while meeting the acceptance criteria for racking and shearing. The core of SIS consists of a closed cell, moisture resistant rigid polyisocyanurate foam with excellent compressive strength and long-term, stable R¬value. A blue, non¬reflective, resilient exterior surface provides water resistance and high durability and a structural member provides additional strength.


    Structured wiring distributes any type of signal throughout your home -including fiber optic – allowing unlimited options for your phone, cable TV, and computer systems. Our homes are also pre-wired for surround sound in one room and come with a basic security system.


    If your home has a basement, there is no substitute. Superior walls stay dry, warm, and act smart! How can a basement wall do all of this? The superior process begins in a factory controlled setting where 5,000+ PSI concrete foundation walls are poured into molds and reinforced with steel and fiber to exacting standards. After the forms are prepared, 2.5″ Dow Styrofoam insulation is sealed to the interior surface of the wall creating a strong and water resistant structure with a R12 rating! The smart engineering features are designed right into your wall at the factory. Features like built-in access for wiring and plumbing and steel stud facings for drywall make it easier to create a fully finished basement. The walls are then delivered to the home site and installed in usually less than 1/2 day. Superior Walls provides a 15 year guarantee against water penetration. Superior Walls gives you a better basement faster!


    Icynene is a soft, spray¬in-place, light density, expanding foam insulation used in the creation of an unvented or conditioned attic. In an unvented attic assembly, air impermeable insulation is applied directly to the underside of the structural roof deck and is tied in the insulation located in the walls so that the roof system becomes part of the insulated building enclosure. This method allows for reducing the size of the HVAC system as the air handler and ducts are all within the conditioned space. Icynene has been used with conditioned attic systems for over 15 years and will greatly reduce your energy costs.


    With significant energy savings and an endless supply of hot water, it is truly a win/win situation when you go tankless. Why keep water hot while you’re are at work or sleeping at night? With a Rinnai tankless system you are getting the best and most recognized brand in the industry.


    These joists are engineered to stay strong, stable, and quiet for the life of your home. By improving on the natural characteristics of wood, these joists resist shrinking, splitting and twisting ¬ problems commonly found in ordinary floor joists that can cause chronic squeaks and creaks.


    Edge Gold flooring has proprietary design capacities that are superior to plywood and OSB flooring. Thanks to an advanced resin system, Edge Gold resists warping and delamination, giving your floors a strong, solid base.


Energy Star Certified Homes

To earn the Energy Star designation, your new home must meet strict guidelines for energy efficiency set by the EPA. These homes are at least 15% more energy efficient than homes built to the 2004 International Residential Code, and include additional energy saving features that typically make them 20¬30% more efficient than standard homes.